If you cultivate something in your mind, you give it a life. -- Laird Hamilton

Excellence appears in the presence of,

  1. Demonstrable control
  2. Delivering on promises
  3. Avoiding surprises

—— Rick Farmer

Rick Farmer

I enjoy solving challenges using Cloud Foundry, Data Science (particularly Big Data) & Fast Data. If Pivotal makes it, I like to get my hands dirty working with it.

I travel often for work; but, I am primarily based out of Galveston Island and enjoy surfing. Particularly, when there are tropical disturbances entering the GoM. Larger waves generally wash ashore on the island during those days.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time going deep on Data Science at Harvard University as of late.

As far as interesting projects go – I’ve helped GE build out their big data platform for the industrial internet – essentially a connected network of intelligent machines. My most well known project is probably building the first cloud-based platform in the financial services industry for NYSE.


This is my personal playbook of ideas, solutions & execution gathered over the years. This is my old tattered binder wrapped in rubber bands. It is overstuffed with dog-eared pages of plays to execute in the game of life, software, business, entrepreneurship & enterprise consulting. It is useful to me for mental recall – so, your mileage may vary.

I have a conflict of interest with everything that appears in this blog… always assume that to be the case because it is the case. You are now a properly informed consumer. I have a self interest, monetary or otherwise. Take the information in this blog for what it is worth, something of value to me and free for you. Since it is free information on the internet, it is worth significantly less than you’ve paid for it.


There are a few routes:

  • In 140 characters at Twitter.
  • Professionally via LinkedIn.
  • Code can be found at GitHub. Note that much of the code I work on is in private repositories.
  • Email is the best way to reach me. I’ll leave it to you to figure that one out ;)

    However, due to the volume of email I receive, email has become an ineffective means of communicating with me.

    I appreciate emails that are easy to reply to. (1-2 sentence emails preferred)

    Please email me again (and again) if a critical items slips through. For non-critical email, replies can take weeks or months (or years). I apologize in advance.

—— Rick

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